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This page gives an overview of the PLDN publications and the Linked Data game we have produced within PLDN.


We are investigating the options to e.g. produce the Play-a-LOD Animals game in other languages, to produce other Play-a-LOD games that work with different ontologies and to produce a digital version of Play-a-LOD.


  1. Gems of Dutch Linked Data Applications 2019 (PDF-version in Dutch)
  2. Linked Data in the Netherlands - From pilot to platform (HTML- and PDF-version, mostly in Dutch, few articles in English)
  3. Gems of Dutch Linked Data Applications (PDF-version in Dutch, summaries in English)
  4. Publishing Linked Data in 9 steps (best practice) (HTML-version in English)
  5. Linked Data in the picture (mini book) (PDF-version in Dutch)
  6. Pilot Linked Open Data Netherlands (Management overview & Detailed cases) (HTML- and PDF-version, mostly in Dutch, few articles in English)
  7. BP4mc2 Best Practices for meaningful connected computing - practical experiences (HTML-version in Dutch)

Books [1], [2] and [3] are also available for free as paper-version. You can collect these books during our PLDN-events or you can send an e-mail to if you would like to receive a copy or a number of copies via postal mail.




Linked Open Data video (in Dutch)

Fraud detection with Linked Data video (in Dutch with English subtitles)

Home Data Vault video (De Huiskluis, in Dutch)