Bounty Program

One of the goals of PLDN is to make free to use, lightweight, open source, linked data tools more sustainable via our PLDN community and governance activities.

One way of doing this, is to enlarge the pool of software developers that are involved in the development and maintenance activities for these lightweight linked data tools, to solve any issues and to develop new features for these tools. For the smaller activities this is done on a voluntary basis and for important issues and much desired new features, we would like to work via a bounty program, such that organizations can place bounties (financial rewards) for issues that they want to get solved or for new features that want to be developed.

Working this way, we would like to engage software developers that want to learn innovative new technologies and that have good experience with development in JavaScript/TypeScript and SCSS, have experience in structuring, querying and retrieving (linked) data and that want to work under the guidance of the gatekeeper for one of the tools. When a developer wants to claim a bounty, the gatekeeper is involved in the intake procedure of the candidate developer, he will monitor the progress and quality of the work activities and he will accept/reject the deliverables that are developed for a bounty issue. Working this way, more organizations and developers can become involved in the larger linked data community.

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