Bounties List


This page lists all issues of the PLDN Bounty Program on which a bounty has been placed.

  • As an organization, you can mail us to add new bounties on PLDN-related GitHubPowerful collaboration, code review, and code management for open source and private projects. issues.
  • As a developer, you can mail us to discuss with us if and how you can solve a bounty-issue.

Learn more about the required steps in the bounty procedures for all roles involved in the PLDN Bounty Program on the Bounty Procedures page.

Open bounties

This section contains all open bounties that have been placed by organizations (one sample bounty at this moment).

Repository LDWizard
Issue #6
Created June 17, 2022
Sponsors PLDN
Bounty € 272

Closed bounties

No closed bounties yet at this moment (we have just started with the bounty program).