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Definitie (nl)Puelia is a PHP implemention of the Linked Data APILinked data offers a set of best practices for publishing, sharing and linking data and information on the web. It is based on use of http URIs and semantic web standards such as RDF.

For some web developers the need to understand the RDF data model and associated serializations and query language (SPARQL) has proved a barrier to adoption of linked data. This project seeks to develop APIs, data formats and supporting tools to overcome this barrier. Including, but not limited to, accessing linked data via a developer-friendly JSON format. specification.

It is an application that handles incoming requests by reading rdf/turtle configuration files (in /api-config-files/) and converting those requests into SPARQL queries which are used to retrieve RDF data from SPARQL endpoints declared in the configuration files.

The RDF data is then served up in a number of format options, including turtle, rdf/xml and "simple" json and xml formats.


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