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PiLOD Wiki Multi-Language Scenarios[bewerken]

One of the requirements for a new PiLOD wiki is to have the PiLOD wiki available in Dutch and for some parts in English that we can share our PiLOD project setup and our main results and insights among the international data communities.

There are several alternative scenarios to come to a multi-lingual wiki:

  • ArchiXL solution for a fully translated wiki (like the XL-Knowledge site), using the same URL and a language switch button
  • W3C solution, with different URL’ s for different language sites, using a drop box to switch between the different sites
  • Multi-lingual, responsive WordPress theme alike solution, using the same URL and a drop box to switch between languages
  • Another pragmatic acceptable scenario that I’m (--Pieter) not aware of

There is a growing trend in multi-lingual content to use Google Translate to do the initial translation, knowing that it is not perfect, but that it saves up to 50% of the translation time to come to an acceptable multi-lingual solution.

We can also investigate the usage of International Tag Set 2.0 (ITS 2.0), which uses metadata, data categories and in some cases localization notes to translate the content into another language. W3C is involved in this standard.

It would be good to have a pragmatic and sound enough multi-language scenario by the end of January with an alternative that would comply with some of the best practices and that would not slow us down for a first release in March.


Note: The WordPress example is also an example of a responsive skin.