PLDN Experimenteeromgeving

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Label (nl)PLDN Experimenteeromgeving
Label (en)PLDN Labs environment
Definitie (en)Open labs environment for PLDN community members that they can use for free to experiment with triples, available Linked datasets, their own Linked Datasets (relatively small test datasets) and SPARQLSimple Protocol And RDF Query Language (SPARQL) is een RDF zoektaal (Query Language) - die gebruikt wordt om RDF-gebaseerde data te bevragen middels zoekopdrachten (Query)..
Toelichting (en)The video at the bottom of this page gives a short introduction into the available features in the PLDN Labs Environment (the triple store) and how you can request an account for the Labs Environment.
ProducttypeLinked Datastores
Bron (triple store)
Installed software (e.g. OpenRefine)


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