Data cube

"The data cube captures the notion of a data set comprising observations organized along one or more dimensions, where each observation includes one or more measures and the values of those measures are interpreted according to some attributes. For example a data set on population and demographics might have dimensions of time period, geographic region and sex, a measure of life expectancy and attributes defining the units, in this case years. The set of dimensions, attributes and measures is explicitly represented as a first class information object, the data structure definition that describes the cube. This in turn makes a data cube data set self-describing, enabling us to build tools that can automatically generate APIs and visualizations for a data set."

Data cube is volgens de beschrijving bedoeld voor statistische data maar klinkt toch alsof ook sensordata erin zou kunnen passen. Het is bijvoorbeeld toegepast in de bekende Bathing Water linked data pilot (

Dit artikel beschrijft hoe SSN en Data cube gecombineerd te gebruiken zijn: