PLDN Linked Data visualisaties werkgroep

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This is the homepage of the PLDN Linked Data visualisation working group.

The aim of the Linked Data visualisation working is to bring together the current practices with regard to the visualisation of Linked Data. This includes both the visualisation of the actual triples (generally depicted as ellipse - arrow - ellipse) and the visualisation of Linked Data models, including the visualisation of OWL, SHACL and SKOS models.

Current practices may include both the actual visualisation styles (what kind of symbols should we use), as tooling to generated and maintain visualisations based on some RDF data.

Please contact Marco Brattinga via if you would like to join this working group.

More content will be added to this working group page soon. But if you want to have a look at a current visualisation in use by some members of this community, please take a look at graphic representation.