Application of the roadmap to the example of Liander

In order to illustrate the roadmap for publishing linked open data elaborated in this document we apply it to an example dataset. The example concerns an existing, non-governmental open dataset from Liander, one of the Dutch regional energy distributers.

Liander manages the energy distribution network in a large part of The Netherlands. They transport gas and electricity from energy producers to households and other users. In order to support their operations, Liander has lots of dataWeergave van een feit, begrip of aanwijzing, geschikt voor overdracht, interpretatie of verwerking door een persoon of apparaat, but is not allowed to use this data in applications due to legal limitations. Nevertheless, this data could be used by third parties in applications, for instance to facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable energy future. Therefore, Liander would like to open some of their data to support such innovations. In the following we show the steps Liander, or any other data owner, has to take in order to turn their data into linked open data and publish it following the roadmap.

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